Learn how the industry grades, drafts, and sews high-end, exquisitely made garments that fit. Here is the information you need to make beautiful clothing that fits. All information is fully-diagrammed, step-by-step, and has been classroom tested to make sure it is easily understood.

Available now: The essential Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry is filled with necessary high-end sewing instructions. Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts contains the drafting and fitting information needed to successfully custom draft and fit pants and skirts. Its companion book, Sewing Pants and Skirts shows how to cut and sew professionally finished pants and skirts.

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The Grading Series:
Grading to Fit, Grading and Sewing a Blouse,
Grading a Jacket, Tailoring a Jacket

The Grading to Fit series is in progress. Grading to Fit introduces custom grading. The book contains 500 pages that explain how grading works and how to use it to grade purchased patterns to a custom fit.

To be sold as a sweet deal with Grading to Fit, Grading and Sewing a Blouse shows how to prepare a purchased blouse pattern for custom grading, how to grade the pattern, and then how to cut and sew the blouse. Hopefully, these two books will be available for sale before the end of the year.

Grading a Woman’s Jacket to Fit contains the information you need to prepare, then grade a jacket shell to fit, then draft all the supporting patterns.

Tailoring a Woman’s Jacket gives you the essential information you need whether you wish to sew a jacket pattern you have that already fits, or if you prefer to cut and sew a jacket pattern you prepared using Grading a Woman’s Jacket to Fit.

Copying a Man’s Shirt

Copying a Man’s Shirt presents how to copy a ready-made garment, the fastest way to learn what industry is doing.

Here is the information you need to learn how that is done. Copying the garment is just the beginning. Often the garment could fit and/or be sewn better. Those issues are also addressed in this book. Included are high-end sewing procedures that both speed the work and produce professionally sewn shirts that fit.