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New Video:
How to Correct Sleeve Cap Notches

Learn not only how to correct armhole notches, but also how to correct a sleeve cap that is too small.

How to Trace a Home-Sewing Pattern

How to set a woman’s
high-end fly zipper, right from industry!
This is how professionals set fly zippers!

Download these Right-lapped_fly_zip_patterns to make the sample shown in the video. You can also use these patterns to set up your pant patterns for sewing the zipper.

Did you know that professionals first set the fly zipper, THEN sew the seam? That’s right, and this video shows you how it is done! Here in this video is the information you need to set fly zippers that will convince your friends that you shop at exclusive stores. They will be very surprised when they learn that you made your garments. No one will ask, Did you make it?

Downloadable booklet : Six High-End Zipper Sets – $19.95

Video describing the booklet

New video series: Creating Fashion with Laurel

Learn how professionals sew high-end garments

These methods, shown in this new video series, Creating Fashion with Laurel, are not generally available because in the industry production is line assembly. Often two people sitting next to each other do not know each other’s job. That is why very few in the industry, with the exception of the pattern makers, understand the entire process. Laurel worked as a production pattern maker/ technical designer and grader in the industry before the advent of the computer. She learned sample making (sewing an entire garment together using industrial methods) from her sample makers. Laurel’s experience includes high-end industrial couture for preferred (NYC) customers. She was trained here in the USA industry by European master tailors. She has written and tested her material for over 30 years in her continuing professional college classes, attended by design room personnel, entrepreneurs, and other professional women.

Now, she and her son are producing videos that present these procedures. Try them! They REALLY work! And they are easy! You will be amazed at your success! With this new information you will now be able to make clothing that in the past you could only dream of owning.

Do you like the blouse I am wearing? I made it 25 years ago. It cost me $6.00 to make, I have worn it many times. I throw it into the washer, then hang it up to dry. No pressing. It is always in style, it goes everywhere. Watch my videos to learn professional designing, drafting, and sewing tips and procedures from the industry that will save you $$$ and time, plus provide you with beautiful clothing that fits, that would be almost unaffordable, even if one could find it in the stores.


Professional, easy-to-set, invisible zipper







Here are the high-end industry techniques you need to know to set a professional, lined invisible zipper in 10 minutes or less. All that is needed is a basic sewing machine and a standard zipper foot.

Young student shows how to set a zipper.





How to Make COVID-19 Fabric Masks: mass-production at home
How to Make COVID-19 Fabric Masks (with captions)

These two videos are the same with this exception. One is captioned for the hearing impaired. The videos show how to mass produce in the home, as well as how to make the masks that were approved by the Philadelphia medical community.

How to make an easy mask, no sewing

Assembled from discarded, cut clothing, sneaker shoelaces, and safety pins, even a five-year-old can make this mask. No sewing involved. The finished mask even has a pocket for a filter!

How to Hand-Sew a Mask

Don’t own a sewing machine? Here is a mask you can hand sew.

How to create a hand-rolled, high-end scarf

Prefer to wear a scarf instead of a mask? This video shows you how to cut the scarf and hand-roll the edges. Also included are high-end instructions for cutting and finishing a chiffon scarf.


Laurel’s young student shows how to draft a skirt pattern.
drafting a pattern

Professional Cutting

Professional cutting as done in top fashion designing departments

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