Access to the drafting, grading, and sewing procedures used in industry

The Contemporary Fashion Education program’s mission is to give all people: professionals in the industry, entrepreneurs, students, and people sewing for themselves and their families; access to the designing, drafting, and fitting procedures used in industry to produce high-end, beautiful clothing. Our goal is to simplify technology so it can be easily understood and used to enrich life at the village level, without undue expense or danger to the environment as suggested by E.F.Schumacher in his book, Small is Beautiful, published in 1973.

  • In keeping with the Small is Beautiful concepts, a treadle sewing machine could be used to do the sewing in the books, eliminating even the need for electricity.
  • Personal color analysis and wardrobe design are discussed to enable the reader to design a functional, go-anywhere wardrobe.
  • Combining the program’s designing suggestions with the program’s drafting and sewing skills results in a considerable reduction of the amount of time required to produce a beautiful, functional wardrobe.

Research has produced instructions that are easy to understand

Books like Laurel has written were not possible before the advance of computer technology. The extensive illustrations would have required too much time and effort. Even with computer technology Contemporary Fashion Education’s books have taken several decades to produce.

Listening carefully to her students’ suggestions has resulted in the author’s continual editing, diagramming, testing, and adding of material needed for individual students’ specific fit problems. Over the last 30 years this effort has dramatically increased both the amount of material in the books and the students’ ease involved with learning the procedures. It has also reduced the time needed for the students to learn the material.

The books, with their hundreds of step-by-step instructional diagrams, enable the user to quickly understand drafting and sewing concepts, making it easy to produce highly desirable clothing that fits.