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Sweet Deal – Both Pant Books



The pant book set comes with three files that are downloaded from this website:

  1. sample book file
  2. pattern book file
  3. printout of the sample book pages

The 10-week syllabus for the Drafting, Fitting, and Sewing Pants and Skirts graduate-level course is also available.  $2.00 USD

The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts includes instructions for fitting asymmetrical figures. Correcting an asymmetrical waist; and many, many more techniques are presented in full detail, exactly as done in high-end designing departments. Here is the information needed to enable even a novice to draft and fit more professionally.

The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts begins with fully diagrammed instructions for taking accurate measurements for all figure types, including asymmetrical figures.

It then moves the reader through all the processes needed to complete custom fitted pattern sets for a high-end straight skirt, for a pair of flat front pants, and for a pair of pleated pants. The patterns can be used by an individual, and/or by a factory.

This is the way the high-end industry does it, and the way the author drafts her personal patterns. Understanding these procedures is the key to successfully designing and patternmaking on or off the computer.

The Basics for SEWING PANTS AND SKIRT’s step-by-step instructions show the professional cutting and sewing techniques used by skilled sample makers to produce high-end pants and skirts like those sold in better department stores and boutiques. These are industrial methods, written in sequence, exactly as done in the best designing departments.

Many of Laurel’s students have told her that until they were in her class they had never worn a garment that fit correctly. They said they were surprised to learn that a garment that fits well is very comfortable.

Laurel’s students include people who sew for themselves and their families, people who wish to start small fashion businesses, people who have small fashion businesses, people who wish to enter the fashion industry, and industrial design room personnel who come in from the industry for training. Many of her students work in the industry’s designing departments or have micro-businesses. The classroom-tested books are written to enable anyone who would like to produce professional clothing to be able to do so with minimal equipment, expense, and time. The books present the information needed to sew slower, finish faster, confident that the finished garment will both fit and look good.

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Dimensions 28 × 23 × 3.5 cm

4 reviews for Sweet Deal – Both Pant Books

  1. Elizabeth Allemong

    Elizabeth Allemong, owner of Vestis Books and author of European Cut, a pattern book, bought [The Basics for] Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts. She says: …it is such an interesting concept to show how patterns are made in production. I already spotted a very clever trick on page 97 with the transparent ruler… This is a very well thought out, highly professional textbook and very “beefy” in details (and [the] least complex) system for drafting a skirt/pant sloper that I have come across. I have tested Laurel’s methods from this class on myself and others and have found it to be successful each time. I love such books…

  2. Cara Anderson

    As a design graduate from another university with my first job in the industry, I find the Industrial Fashion Methods {Laurel’s] Program to be both innovative and exciting. As I move through the program I am continuously filled with information that I missed out on when pursuing my degree. In every class, I learn a new and more accurate method of doing something that makes you want to run home and test it out on a new garment.

  3. Contemporary Fashion Education

    Thanks! Laurel

  4. Emily

    “The books arrived 2 days ago, and I must say, in excellent condition due to water proofing and paper stuffing. Thank you for caring. Must say too, that each book is impressive in layout, which allows one to easily, ‘snap to’ chapters and sections of project-relevant content and diagrams.  Moreover, the comprehensiveness of the Sewing Techniques guidance contains not only the promised Sewing Techniques…  but unexpectedly offers a depth of information far beyond the basics, aimed at educating the reader while imparting practical information. 

    Only after investing in numerous industry texts over the years (and there were many in my case) can one be fortunate to find the necessary guidance for business as well as home sewing, so artfully and strategically compiled into one. Yes, a bit cliché, but most deserving.

     Thank you “

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