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Six High-End Zipper Sets with sample and pattern books

124-page downloadable booklet
ISBN-13: 978-1-7352117-0-1

Purchase also includes Six-High End Zipper Sets’ downloadable sample book and pattern book.




Learn the professional zipper setting procedures used in industry that enable top sample makers to set 500 zippers a day. To ensure your success, these step-by-step, fully diagrammed instructions, and all materials produced by Contemporary Fashion Education, Inc., have been college classroom-tested for over 25 years.


1 review for Six High-End Zipper Sets with sample and pattern books

  1. Amita Patel

    I came USA and start working for minimum wages. Luckily I found a job in a quality control department as QC inspector…. I am [now] working at Lilly Pulitzer as Technical design department as a Technical Designer.

    …I meet Laurel, is the best thing happen to me. I am learning so much from this class. She has such a nice technique and such a way to explains. That even hardest thing in a book makes easier to understand. She has so much patience…Above all these things she is such a nice person.

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