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Six High-End Zipper Sets Sample Book

Purchase includes three files that are downloaded from this website:

  1. sample book file
  2. pattern book file
  3. printout of the sample book pages

All of the zipper sets in the High-End Zipper Sets booklet are also included in Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry.

Included with purchase of Six High-End Zipper Sets



The downloaded file for Six High-End Zipper Set’s 16-page sample book file, the pattern book file, and the file for printing out the sample book pages come with the purchase of the Six High-End Zipper Sets booklet.

Making a sample of a zipper setting procedure before sewing it in the garment provides both practice and a reference for future projects. For example:

As you work through Chapter 3, The Invisible Zipper Set:

Print out the mockup patterns from the pattern book file.
Fold and tape the mockup patterns into a paper mockup.
Then cut and sew a sample. This makes sewing the zipper into the garment so much easier.

The procedures used in a designing department are the very same procedures one can and should use in a home, if one is efficient in the designing, drafting, fitting, cutting, and sewing of clothing. Therefore for a student to learn what she truly needs to know to be successful in the industry and/or with her personal sewing, she needs to learn those professional procedures used in the best design rooms in the industry. What is needed for both situations is exactly the same. – Laurel


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