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Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry Graduate-level sample book



Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry comes with three files that are downloaded from this website:

  1. sample book file
  2. pattern book file
  3. print out of the sample book pages

The 10-week syllabus for Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry‘s graduate-level course is also available.

When you purchase your copy of Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry you will be issued your personal password that will allow you to download all three files for the graduate-level sample book. Making the sample book will provide you with both a  reference book and a portfolio. When finished the graduate-level 60-page sample book contains all of the samples from all of the exercises presented in Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry.

Those files include:

  1. The sample book file. This file shows the finished exercises placed in the sample book.
  1. The graduate-level pattern book file that allows you to print all of the patterns you need to make the samples.
  1. And a file that will print each page’s information on the sample book’s pages.

Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry’s exercises are cross-referenced with the sample book and pattern book’s pages to make working through the book much easier.

Samples can be sewn to card stock, then inserted into transparent pockets.

This allows the samples to be easily removed and examined when teaching or when sewing a difficult procedure.

The graduate-level sample book contains 60 pages of samples.

If you decide to use transparent pockets, you will need either two binders with two-inch depth, or one huge binder with a four-inch depth.

1 review for Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry Graduate-level sample book

  1. Christine

    If you are just learning to sew and this is your first book on sewing techniques, I envy you because you wil start out learning the very best. If you are an experienced seamstress and/or tailor who learned to sew the home sewing way,” you will find in this book invaluable lessons on how to do everything you know how to do even better. If you are not able to take Laurel’s classes you will miss the warmth, humor and encouragement that are her hallmarks, but with the detailed instructions and incredible diagrams in her books you can truly learn from the books what you can learn from her classes.

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