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Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry Entry-level Sample Book



Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry comes with three files that are downloaded from this website:

  1. sample book file
  2. pattern book file
  3. printout of the sample book pages

You will need to purchase the entry-level 14-week syllabus, entry-level sample-book file, and. the entry-level sample book’s print-out. The pattern book file allows students to print all of the patterns they need to make the samples.

Designed for and tested with entry-level college fashion students, this sample book and its syllabus introduce the beginning student to the essential sewing techniques she/he needs to understand fundamental sample making procedures. The course introduces the students to gauge sewing, closures, pockets, seam finishes, hems, zippers, plus many more; all classroom tested. The pattern book file contains all of the patterns needed to make the samples.

Sewing the samples to card stock, then inserting them into transparent pockets allows the samples to be easily removed and examined when teaching.

Students may prefer to punch holes in the card stock pages and then insert the pages into a three-ring binder. This reduces both cost and the sample book’s size.

1 review for Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry Entry-level Sample Book

  1. Diane Sladowski

    I got my book in the mail yesterday and I’m up to page 88! I have been looking for this book for at least 10 years. I clearly remember searching everywhere to learn how to do this bias-bound edge on pg. 86. … I have a LOT of sewing books and this is so much information. I am looking forward to reading and making my sample books!
    Thank you for writing and sharing this information!

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