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Sewing Pants and Skirts

470 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9663236-8-9

After purchasing The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts, download the three files:
Pant_Pattern_book, Pant_Sample_book, and Pant_Sample_book print on card stock.

The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts’ invisible and woman’s right-lapped zipper instructions have been videoed and can be seen on YouTube.



Purchase of this book includes three downloadable files: The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts sample book, a printout of the sample book’s pages, and a pattern book with all the patterns need to make the samples.

Paulette models the pants and skirts she drafted, cut, and sewed using the instructions in The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts and The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts. Paulette added patch pockets to the front of her pants. Instructions for drafting and sewing patch pockets are provided in Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry. See Paulette’s critique below.

Here are the instructions, used in couture designing departments to create beautiful high-end clothing for preferred customers that you need to sew beautiful skirts and pants.

Detailed sewing instructions for skirt and pant linings, two front inset pockets, two diagonal front pockets, the back inset pocket, an easy to set kick-pleat that will never droop, a grosgrain backed waistband, four high-end, fully-diagrammed zipper sets, and more present, step-by-step, easy-to-follow directions.

Only basic sewing equipment is needed. In this picture, Debbie sews her pants’ lining on a feather-weight sewing machine. Encasing with lining eliminates the need to finish the seam allowances.

Designed to be used both with and without its companion book, The Basics for Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts, The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts contains 472 pages and is fully diagrammed, step-by-step.

All instructions have been classroom-tested to make sure the information can be easily understood.

The Basics for Sewing Pants and Skirts includes diagrams for preparing any straight skirt and any basic pant pattern so they can be used with the cutting and sewing instructions in this book.

Mockup patterns, for practice before setting the zippers into the clothing, are included at the end of their respective chapters.

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  1. Paulette Heilbrun

    …as a … student of Laurel’s, I know that she has taken her years of training and experience and written two wonderful books and then, in class, every time a student asked why or said “I don’t understand,” Laurel has rewritten the page and made sure that we fully understood what she was saying.

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