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Private Drafting & Sewing Lessons for Teens

$100 for each 3-hour lesson



Shira designed her Bat Mitzvah dress when she was 12. Now 17, Shira enters Drexel University in August with a hefty scholarship, where she will major in fashion design. Recently Shira designed her prom dress, drafting, fitting, cutting, sewing; learning the designing room process of turning a design into the finished product.

Shira is first fitted in her bodice muslin. Testing is an important step in design. Canvas, used instead of boning, is tested for sew-ability. The finished prom gown.

Megan, 15, dyes her separating zipper before setting it into the skirt she drafted.

Megan sews the waistband on her skirt. Previously she hung the shell’s hem on the lining, encasing the seam allowances, a high-end finish that eliminates hours of work.

Natalia models the skirt she drafted and cut to match.  Natalia is eleven.

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  1. Jen

    Laurel, I cannot thank you enough for this experience for Natalia. …She especially loves how technical the material is and is eating it up. It is so inspiring for me to sit back and watch her get so excited and then to witness how she strutted around telling everyone (friends and family alike) that she made her Easter skirt. I knew at that moment we gave her the gift of confidence and personal power. That is huge!

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