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Private Drafting & Sewing Lessons for Adults

$100 for each 3-hour lesson



Regina and Laurel discuss sewing procedures Regina will use when making a jacket. Anne, also a student, took the picture. Anne sews beautiful Irish dancing costumes for sale.

All materials that Laurel has written are available to her students. Students choose what they wish to learn. This includes grading to fit, copying ready-made garments, tailoring jackets, and more. Most adult students want to learn how to sew more professionally for themselves and their families.

Anne shows the finished blouse that she cut and sewed to match.

The industry manufactures clothing that fits average measurements, the reason many people have a great deal of trouble finding clothing that fits them.

Students often tell me that they have problem figures, but that is not the case. They just have figures that are not average. Helping students learn how to draft, grade, fit, and sew clothing that fits them perfectly is a real joy.

This isn’t a matter of wrapping some fabric around a dress form and then whipping up some fantastic garment with just a few moves under a sewing machine. This is low-level engineering. It’s hard work. This is no home sewing course.

You need three hours for each lesson. That way you go home with the information you need.

If you are interested in starting a business or working in the industry, these are the skills you need.

I can’t promise you a job in the fashion industry, but many of my students do now have very good jobs in the industry.

The industry is desperate for people who have the skills I can teach you. – Laurel

Dimitra sewed green and red Christmas outfits for her twins, shown above.

Poonam and her sister, marketing manufactured garments from India at a trade show in the Javits Center. Poonam took courses in Laurel’s program.

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  1. Eunice

    I so much appreciate and enjoy your work with me and feel I have learned so much, although there is much more to be learned and mastered….Thank you…

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