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Grading to Fit

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Grading to Fit

The first in Contemporary Fashion Education, Inc. grading/fit book series, Grading to Fit is a bible of grading information.

Here is the information you need to develop the grading coordinates that will allow you to grade home sewing and other grade-rule patterns to your and others’ custom fit.

Grading to Fit addresses all body types, even asymmetrical figures.

One starts the work in the book by determining one’s best size, then tracing that size sloper. Through a series of steps the traced sloper is then corrected to a custom fit.

Then, grading coordinates are developed by comparing the developed sloper with the original sloper provided with this book.

The grading coordinates can then be used to grade most of the commercial home sewing pattern companies here in the United States to fit, as their grade rules are very similar..

In Grading and Sewing a Blouse, Grading to Fit’s sequel, one uses the grading coordinates developed in Grading to Fit to grade a blouse; then cuts and sews a high-end blouse that fits.

Size 10 slopers

After purchasing the book, you will be issued your personal password that will allow you to download 20 files of slopers. Slopers are often referred to as fitting shells or fitting patterns. All lines are sewing lines. No seam allowances have been added. For best results, copy the file(s) you need onto a memory stick, then have them printed as blueprints at a stationery store.

Taking skirt measurements

A good fit is not just a matter of lengthening or shortening patterns. Patterns must fit in a variety of complex ways. This book presents how to achieve a good fit with custom grading procedures, and how to record that achievement so all patterns can be graded to fit, again and again.

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1 review for Grading to Fit

  1. Ceola Crawford (verified owner)

    If you want to truly understand how patterns work, this is the line of books to get. You will learn the “how” and “why” behind patternmaking that will allow you to execute your designs. Most books only teach readers to follow a few formulas, which is great if you only need to make that one pattern, but they fail to teach the problem-solving skills and foundational knowledge needed to implement pattern making skills in a wide array of circumstances. I currently own all of Laurel’s grading and sewing books and they taught me the foundations needed for any job working in fashion design/ technical design. As a self-taught designer who has spent well over $1,000 on instructional material, I can vouch to the quality of these books. Like with anything, you get out of these books what you put into them. If you can focus and stay consistent, these books will teach you what is not even taught in most $100k fashion degree programs. (I know this because some of my peers who have graduated from top fashion university still struggle to grasp basic concepts taught in this book.)

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