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Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts

338 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9663236-3-4



This book shows how to measure, and then how to use those measurements to draft pant patterns that fit.

Fully-diagrammed instructions, charts, and see-through diagrams explain how to draft to fit a straight skirt, flat-front pants, and pleated pants. The book includes diagonal-side pocket, double-welt, and back welt pocket pattern instructions. You need only a few basic drafting tools to draft skirt and pant patterns that fit. All fitting problems are addressed, including asymmetrical fit. Men and women’s pants can be drafted to fit using this book.

Making a muslin, as shown in the book, ensures that the pant pattern fits correctly. Here the right side fits better, so that side will be used to correct the pattern.

The entire process: measuring drafting, fitting, cutting, and sewing, is diagrammed step-by-step, presenting how skirts and pants patterns are produced in high-end designing departments. Most diagrams are production patterns reduced to scale. Many of the diagrams are full page spreads.

Classroom-tested over a 30 year period.

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  1. M. Antry “jnetti” (Utah)

    I love the flow of the book and how the author doesn’t make assumptions on what you might already know. So I can recommend this book to a beginner starting out. …I am so excited to try to block and fit my own pants pattern. The book is well written with excellent diagrams and definitions. Can’t say enough about this book. Laurel Hoffman has a pattern drafting and fitting program with corresponding books specific to clothing design and construction. …I highly recommend looking over her other books as well. Jnetti

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