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10 Week Grading & Sewing a Blouse

Grading & Sewing a Blouse presents how to test the grading coordinates developed in Grading to Fit, by showing how to grade a blouse pattern to fit, then how to produce an exquisitely beautiful blouse using high-end industrial design room sewing.



You will work at your own pace, custom grading, cutting, and sewing a blouse chosen by the instructor.

Grading a blouse pattern enables you to test and fine-tune your grading coordinates, after which you will draft the supporting patterns for your graded blouse pattern; cut and sew your blouse. Grading, cutting, and sewing demonstrations are given as requested, at your and the other students’ pace. All new skills needed, and all requests are

Please note: Although the course work in this syllabus is presented on a weekly basis, you will determine your schedule and how much work you complete during the course. The objective is for you to understand and be able to do the work, not race through. Demos will be given with each student opting to watch or to continue working on her project. You are encouraged to ask for whatever demos you need. Impromptu demos will also be given whenever unexpected problems are encountered in the class.  After the blouse grading and drafting are completed, you will check your blouse fabrics for flaws, then lay out the patterns, cut, and sew using a blend of high-end industrial sample making procedures including button placement, armhole
finishing, and cutting to match, all taught in this course.


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