Today I have begun my blog.For a couple of years I have been posting on my business Facebook page, Contemporary Fashion Education, to see if I would have enough to say to justify writing a blog. Turns out I apparently do. So now I am switching to blogging. 

Here I am at my computer, doing what I do most of the time, writing, writing, writing.  If you would like to see what I am writing please visit, my website for the books that are published.

They and the remaining four in-progress books have been and continue to be tested in my school. To learn more about my school please visit

I’ve got to stop for now. My family and I will be attending a big, blow-out wedding reception the first Saturday in April, which means I’ve got to get my outfit sewn up and fast. The outfit is designed, the muslins fit, just got to finish the supporting patterns and sew it up. More about all of that later when I have it done and have the time to tell you about it. Stay tuned. Gotta sew! Sew bye for now!

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