Threads Magazine

Laurel’s article, Industry Seam Allowances, was published in Threads Magazine,
in issue 199, on the newsstands in late August 2018.

Inside Fashion

Laurel with continuing professional college students.
Photo by Wm. Hoffmann, published in  Inside Fashion.

Published articles: Learning to Design Clothes that Really Fit Real People and The Importance of Getting Your Hands in the Clay by Jane Singer

Jane Singer, Inside Fashion Director and Head of Market Intelligence

Jane Singer, Director and Head of Market Intelligence – Inside Fashion says Design Room Techniques, Professional Edition, [now titled Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry] is a fabulous ‘must-have’ resource for any designer.

APPAREL  MAGAZINE – Editorial – Eric Shurtleff

Eric Shurtleff, an industry consultant who now heads the J.Crew designing department in NYC, wrote two guest editorials for Apparel Magazine, a USA fashion/fabric trade magazine – in 2000 and 2003.

Wanted: Truly Competent Technical Designers, the first editorial in 2000 set forth the problems the fashion industry has with finding qualified technical designers (production patternmakers who work on a computer).

The second article presented possible solutions. Mr. Shurtleff wrote: .. [Laurel’s program] provides many of the skills needed by technical designers in the industry. Hoffman’s concept, with minor tweaking, might prove to be the ideal model for the institutional version of technical designer training. – Apparel, February 2003, Still Wanted: Truly Competent Technical Designers, pages 44-46.

Apparel Magazine, in its October 2003 Product News section wrote: …The [Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts and Sewing Pants and Skirts] books demonstrate how the various disciplines are interwoven in producing the product, as well as the importance of considering the production process when designing a garment. The books emphasize the foresight required to produce and/or adapt patterns so they will work with the chosen sewing techniques.

NOTIONS, the American Sewing Guild’s (ASG) national publication

Notions, the American Sewing Guild’s (ASG) national publication, published a highly favorable review of Professor Hoffmann’s pant book set, Drafting and Sewing Pants & Skirts and Sewing Pants and Skirts, in their spring 2005 issue, page 46.

Techniques for Teaching, about her 4-H experiences, was published in Notions spring 2005 issue. See…

The article was a spin-off from a seven-page article, Styles, and Methods of Teaching Sewing, published in the local January 2005 Greater Philadelphia PACC Newsletter.

Published Articles

Custom-Industrial design room procedures, do they have anything in common? by Professor Laurel Hoffmann, was published as a two-part series in the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers (PACC) national newsletter, PACC News, in its late summer and fall 2005 editions.

Laurel’s Research & Development (R&D) Teaching Method, by Professor Hoffmann, was published in that newsletter’s Spring 2005 issue.