It’s Spring!

Snow may be about to fall here in Philadelphia, but its spring just the same! That’s because our annual flower show is in full swing.  Here are the pictures to prove it.

The show is colossal! Held on the second floor of the Civic Center, huge displays stun the vision. The colors and smells of the flowers almost overwhelm. No wonder throngs attend this show. The commuter trains put on extra cars to deal with the volume of visitors from all over the region, as parking near the show is impossible. Coming in by train is easier anyway, because Jefferson Station is only a block underground from the Civic Center, The show is considered to be the largest flower show in the world.  The show typically includes water falls, lily ponds, trees, layouts of gardens in full bloom. The pictures on this post show only a fraction of what one experiences when one visits the show.  In addition to the beautiful, almost overwhelming floral displays of all kinds imaginable, merchants in the back of the room offer items often hard. The booths have not only gardening supplies, but a variety of other items.  Roses and other flowers can be bought for a fraction of the usual price. Visitors on the way home have their arms filled with their purchases.  Here in my pictures is just a small sampling of the excitement.

Entering the show.

Pictures from the Flower Show

You can see in this picture how large the displays at the entrance are.


A rainbow overhead reminds us that the theme is Flower Power.
Another reminder of the “Flower Power” theme.



Head pieces




A full sized water wheel reminds us that water is a natural source of power.
Artistic hanging displays
Amazing hanging displays, perfect for fantastic parties.
Rows and rows of beautiful spring flowers in full bloom.
Arrangements in vases.
Beautiful arrangements tower over one’s head.
Various companies explain their research.


Table arrangements
Front entrance gardens
A spectacular trellis entrance for a garden.
Rows of individual potted plants.
Wedding display?


Terrarium gardens
Summer garden
Huge container garden.


Hippie life
Artist Jim Flood shows his hand-made bluebird wall decoration I purchased for my husband.
SpiraPeel is demonstrated to potential customers. I bought that too. Too good to pass up.


Time to go home.















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© Laurel Hoffmann, 2019.

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  • Karen Randal
    March 4, 2019 6:12 pm

    Laurel, you sure know how to create a great review of the show. Thank you, always for your great blogging.


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