Laurel, outside the front of the museum, standing at the top of the museum steps.
Here are pictures of haute couture clothing, currently on exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The exhibit is on the second floor of the museum. It will be on display through March 3, 2019. If you can possibly attend, be sure to do so. Admission is $20, which includes both the clothing exhibit and the doll clothes exhibit.

Be sure to visit this link to see the museum’s video about the show.

scene from Rucci's video
Ralph Rucci with his workers. Picture taken from Mr. Rucci’s video.

This extensive show includes several videos. I found Ralph Rucci’s video to be especially good, as he takes one through the process of producing couture clothing. He says couture clothing is very much alive and that it is desired by American women. One of his clients spoke about having clothing designed by Mr. Rucci, and how enjoyable it is.

My friend Pamela Patak, who worked for Mr. Rucci, says he is wonderful to his employees.

Here are the pictures I took:

About fashion – information at the show
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