Here are fashions I photographed while visiting Balboa Island and other ocean resorts in California this fall


Swimsuits on display in the windows would require a model’s figure. I didn’t see anyone wearing suits this skimpy.


Embroidered and applique clothing is everywhere. Ethnic clothing is back, but with a rich look. Children’s clothing is rich, with considerable detail. Note the smocking with embroidered flowers on the little girl’s dress, above.

I saw large red roses on a white jacket, which was really beautiful. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of it.

The clothing is casual; torn jeans are still in. Beat up overalls with sequins and a sequined hat was a bit different.

Loose patterned pants are a new fashion look

Pants are casual, cool, and full of patterns. They are worn with solid color tops to off-set the extensive patterning.

Loose, light-weight pants are a new fashion look.

Lots of bright colors. Huge printed flowers in vivid colors.




Young female students dressed for homecoming celebrations
Home coming co-ed California fashions

Shoes are open and also casual. Note the shoes worn by teenage boys attending a homecoming event.

This group’s young women wore short, tight dresses. Another homecoming group’s young women wore long gowns to the floor.





As always, the show ends with a bridal gown. The happy couple had just been married at the Nixon Museum.
Note the crystals on the gown’s bodice.







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