My daughter brought the bride home from college to share Thanksgiving with us in 2000. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between the two young women and our families. The bride is from Morocco. This past Saturday we attended her wedding to a Pakistani. It was a joyous event.  
The wedding reception was held on the 17th floor of the Baltimore World Trade Center. Here my husband and son are looking down at the specular view.  Soon the sun set, back-dropping the beautiful décor of the room with lights from the harbor.

The bride and groom wore Pakistani wedding attire. They sat on a platform and greeted their guests. I have never seen the bride look more beautiful.
Many pictures were taken. Above is a picture of the happy couple with his parents.
On the right is a picture is of the groom’s extended family. Later his nieces, seated in front, entertained the couple with dancing. A picture of them dancing is below the professional dancers directly below.





A belly dancer also performed.  In the picture on the left she is balancing lighted candles on her head as she dances.
We all had a wonderful time. 
Below on the right  the bride’s mother and one of the bride’s co-workers are enjoying each other’s company.

Everyone took many, many pictures of the couple and the guests. Everyone was wearing beautiful ethnic costumes from their native lands.  In this picture I am showing the bride’s mother the picture I just took, shown on the right. On our plates you can see some of the Middle Eastern food we had for appetizers. A buffet dinner followed. The food was delicious!

Many guests stepped up on the platform to talk with the couple as I am doing here. I am so happy about this wedding. The couple is well matched. They are a wonderful couple.


Just before the couple cut the cake they changed into western bridal clothing.

The groom then presented the bride with wedding rings and matching earrings and necklace.

Just before it was time to go home my husband took this picture of our son, daughter, and myself. I had been so busy taking pictures of the couple and their guests I almost forgot to have pictures taken of us.
Here are a couple more pictures you might enjoy. Above on the left the bride models a Moroccan wedding dress that she was given several years ago. I understand it has since gone out of style. On the right is my favorite picture of the couple. They are having a private conversation. It is obvious that they are very much in love.
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