All instruction is as done in the fashion industry.

Anne shows her jacket in progress.

Interested in private lessons?

Want to learn how the best professionals in the business make exquisitely beautiful clothing? Would you like to be able to sew more professionally for yourself and your family? Do you need help starting a clothing business? Are you working in the industry and wish you could improve your skills? Now you can decide what YOU need and/or would like to learn?
Only a basic sewing machine (see one at the end of this post) and a few drafting tools are needed to produce beautiful clothing. Fabric can be bought for little money if one knows where to shop.
What one needs to produce beautiful clothing is skill.

Regina discusses pant drafting with Laurel


Recognizing when she retired form the industry to raise her children that the procedures used in industry were not available to lay people, Laurel has spent years writing and testing the material in her books.
Now you can benefit from her work. You can learn the same techniques used in industry’s top designing departments to make clothing that fits and looks terrific, for a fraction of the price wealthy people pay to obtain such clothing.
Choose to take any of Laurel’s drafting/sewing courses – or her entire program, rated as graduate level by Drexel University. Or ask for projects of your own choosing.


On the right Anne shows her “go anywhere” finished jacket. Having learned blouse and jacket custom grading and construction, she is now drafting pants to fit.
Because Laurel designs all private lessons to meet YOUR specific needs, private three-hour lessons with Laurel in her studio will enable you to progress quickly at your own speed. You will use the books she has written and classroom tested over the last 25 years at Philadelphia University, Drexel University, and more recently at her school, now closed, in Oreland. The books provide the information needed to speed you through the lessons, enabling you to draft and sew high-end professional clothing much faster than you ever dreamed possible.
Private lessons are $100 for three hours. They are scheduled at the student’s convenience. Call Laurel at 215 884 7065 for more information.
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Here the machine! Can you believe it? A little featherweight like this one can make exquisitely beautiful clothing. A Featherweight is a small version of the machinery used in industry. They are for sale on E-bay for as little as $300. Take it to a sewing machine repair shop and you’ll have a reliable machine that will last the rest of your life. It will make anything – coats, evening gowns, wedding gowns, men’s suits, etc. Granted it doesn’t overcast the seam allowances or make buttonholes, but that can be got around with bindings, lining encasements, flat-felled seams, bound and hand-finished buttonholes etc. all high-end finishes.
 Here is an item Laurel made on her Featherweight

while vacationing at Cape May, N.J. with her daughter
Read more about it on her post on this blog.

Laurel worked as a production patternmaker in the industry, drafting and
setting up the work for women’s clothing factories.
She learned sample making (sewing as done in industry) while there.


Phone: 215 884 7065
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