The Pennsylvania Farm Show celebrated its 100 year last week with a packed house of visitors. Although it meant squeezing through crowds, and walking what seemed like miles, I managed to find my way to the clothing and textiles exhibits. Below are pictures of the top prize winners.


This hand-sewn quilt is truly remarkable.
I don’t even want to think about how many
hours Ms. Koontz needed to make it.
What an achievement!

Each entry had an identification. This is Ms. Koontz’s.
Ms. Jennifer Feicht’s quilt

Ms. Feicht machine quilted the quilt on the right.
Isn’t Ms. Courtney Hess’ quilt adorable?

Note that Ms. Hess is entered in the youth class.


Ms. Katie Kreider’s dress
won in the 4-H Senior Textile Science
division. Ms. Kreider is from
Lebanon County, PA.

Ms. Natalie Sensening won in the
Fashions With a Flair, YOuth & 4-H division.
Ms. Sensening is from from Lancaster County.

Ms. Sensening’s placard

Beautifully knitted, it’s no wonder
Ms. Joan Demko won the top prize
for her hand knitted sweater.

Ms. Demko’s placard
Ms. Warden’s pretty handbag looks very practical.

Ms. Warden’s placard

Children’s clothing

Ms. Murray’s placard

Ms. Delores Murray won, with good reason, for this
child’s dress and matching American Girl doll dress.
Ms. Brubaker made this adorable little girl’s dress.

The show also had demonstrations. 

Here Janet demonstrates spinning at the Fiber Arts and Education exhibit. To see her in action, hit this link.

Choose what you wish to learn – and/or take part or all of her program 


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