As promised, here are more pictures of clothes from the Downton Abbey Winterthur Exhibit.

The clothing was on view, without any barriers whatsoever, so close it could have been touched. Pictures of the actors wearing the clothing with explanations sat near the clothing. Guides walked about, ready to answer any questions at the well-attended exhibit. Winterthur is an elaborate estate with many servants that in its day was easily the equivalent of Downton Abbey, probably the reason Winterthur was granted the right to display the clothing.

I love this picture of the actors. They are obviously enjoying their roles.
Note their stiff clothing, which reflects the stiffness of the era. 
Here is pretty Cora, dressed as always in something truly lovely.

While the descriptions helped with understanding the clothing, being able to photograph the garments up close meant I can now show you some of the design and sewing details of the clothing.

Here is a detail of the dress.

 The sewing is exquisite.  

Although many dresses are crated especially for the show, they often incorporate pieces of fabric that are decades old.  

Emma Rowley, author of Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey, page 157, ISBN 978-1-250-04790-8 (hardcover) ISBN 978-1-4668-4825-2 (e-book). 

Below are details from both Cora and Violet’s coats, shown in this composite.
Detail from Cora’s coat
Detail from Violet’s coat

Downton’s wardrobe room at Ealing Studios…is overseen by Caroline McCall, the show’s Emmy Award-winning costume designer.
…While many items are found at vintage fairs or are hired from costume houses, much is created for the show. McCall explains: ‘It’s incredibly difficult to find enough clothing from this period; the fabrics are so delicate that they’ve perished. Also, because this look was fashionable in the Seventies, they are just not around any more.’

Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey, page 154.


Men’s clothing was well displayed at the exhibit. The clean lines and beautifully tailored fabrics are obvious even in the photographs.

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Violet’s gown is so beautiful, with such rich detail, that I took a number of shots, seen below.
Note the re-embroidered lace in the sleeve.
The dress was cut from exquisite fabric.
The sleeves, waistband, and center front detail


The full view of the dress

I must include the dress worn by Shirley McLaine. I wish she would be in the show more often. What a riot when she appears! :-))

The information about Ms. McLaine’s dress

The dress


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