Everyone seems to be quilting these days.

Cynthia made this quilt for her daughter
 from her T-shirts.

In POST 47: QUILT I presented my grandmother’s quilt and its history. 

Quilts are good examples of the different ways people see the world, and how their views are reflected in their quilts and other art work.
That is why I am devoting this post to a presentation of readers’ quilts. I invite you to send pictures of your work to my e-mail address so I can publish your pictures and information. 
Please include an explanation of the quilt, who received it, and any other facts about it. I normally only publish the first name of any one that I mention on the net. I will stay with that policy unless a reader prefers otherwise. 
This is the back of Cnythia’s daughter’s quilt

Cynthia just finished this quilt for her son.

Quilts are highly personal. Years ago the Philadelphia Art Museum had a show that featured African American quilts. I was stunned by what I saw and read. I had seen much African American art as I had grown up on a farm where I lived among African Americans. But I have never seen an assembled collection of their art before or had it explained to me. For example: the quilts were sewn to cause the squares to bubble, so as to catch the spirit, something that was unheard of in my white society. At this show I learned just how differently people who live right next door might see the world and think about things.



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