Thinking of starting a business?

Or maybe you need some nice new clothes and are tired of trying to make due with whatever you can find in the stores. 

Rose Christopher, 
owner of  Victorian Vanities
models a mourning dress
she made to present information
about Victorian mourning customs.
Now is the time to learn the skills you need to make clothing that fits
and that you will really enjoy wearing. Janet, who has since finished
this certificate program,
 models her blouse in progress.

Now is the time to learn the skills you need to make exquisite clothing like that sold on Madison Avenue and/or to start your very own fashion business. Learning these skills will give you a wardrobe everyone will admire. Do you know that the sewing methods used in industry are different than the sewing methods used by home sewers? The professional skills taught in this program will help you start that fashion business you have always dreamed of.  

Two courses are offered in January: Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts and Grading & Fitting a Blouse and Jacket.  Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts is open to new students. Grading & Fitting a Blouse and Jacket is open ONLY to students who have completed the prerequisite, Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/Grading to Fit. 

Here is the link to the course order formInformation about these courses is below. 

The sewing in the program is
demonstrated on this
made in 1941,shown above,  a machine
 that only sews forward and back.

You do NOT need sewing experience. When you begin this program you need only to be able to sew two plies of fabric together on your machine at home. 

You do NOT need expensive equipment. Whatever sewing machine you already have will be more than adequate. In fact, the higher-end the garment, the less complicated the machinery needed to make it. 

You will need some simple drafting tools, the same drafting tools used in the industry to draft patterns. 


Each student drafts and sews to her personal fit.

Each student drafts and sews to her personal fit, learning in the process how garments need to be drafted and sewn to fit real human people.

Laurel explains a drafting procedure to Kathy

All procedures are demonstrated as many times as needed for students to learn the work. All procedures are hands-on. All procedures are as done in high-end designing departments.

Drafting & Fitting Pants & Skirts
10 three-hour classes on Saturdays
Custom fitting a correctly drafted
pant pattern produces a muslin
that fits.


Preventing pulls under the
crotch requires expert drafting,
as taught in this course.

is offered in the afternoon from 

1 pm – 4 pm on Saturdays

January 17, 24, 31,
February 7, 14, 21, 28,

March 7, 14, 21
 1 pm – 4 pm

$350 for the 10 week course

Classroom testing over the past 20 years
ensures that the formulas work.

Students also need to buy Drafting & Fitting Pants and Skirts and Sewing Pants and Skirtsa 2 book set. that enables the students to draft their pant patterns to fit in 10 weeks. 


                            Prerequisite: Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/Grading to Fit

No exceptions 
10 three-hour classes on Saturdays

In the prerequisite course
students developed and 
tested personal slopers. 
Here Laurel checks 
Cheryl’s sloper.
First session – winter:
January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28,
March 7, 14, 21
 9  am – noon

Second session – spring:

April 11,18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 30, June 6, 13, and 20. 
No class May 23 – Memorial Day weekend
Price: $350.00 for each session

9  am – noon

                               $350 for each 10 week course

 Because this is two courses taught simultaneously,
most students will need to take this course twice.

This classroom tested book
contains 384 fully diagrammed pages.
This classroom tested book 
contains 304 fully diagrammed pages.

Students also need to buy either Grading & Sewing a Blouse  $75.00 wholesale, plus $4.50 tax $79.50, or Grading & Sewing a Jacket$95.00 wholesale, plus $5.70 tax $100.70.

In the Fitting Home Sewing/Grading to Fit course students developed personal slopers. Slopers are basic patterns from which style patterns are developed. Stephanie models a muslin bodice that was cut from a pattern drafted from her custom sloper. A skirt has just been draped and pinned onto the bodice. A strapless neckline has been marked on the muslin. The end result will be a gown she will wear to a costume convention. 

In the upcoming blouse/jacket course Stephanie will grade a blouse pattern to her custom fit using the grading coordinates she developed in Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/Grading to Fit. Read about Stephanie’s activities with costuming, 


Course order form

Books are available for sale. 

Visit – to order published books, 

e-mail, or phone 215 884 7065.
Visit for more information about the  school

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