Sharron Cox at, has just published an article, Why Sewing can Be a Top Choice for You, about sewing as a career. It includes her recent interview with me. Read the article. In the article she speaks about the upcoming 2-day master class, From Conception to Production 
and about my classes. Learn more about the classes offered this fall.

I visited the Downton Abbey fashion exhibit at Winterthur, last Saturday. It’s a MUST SEE exhibit. Here are a couple of pictures. Will post more in a couple of weeks.

Some of the trim on this dress is shown below.

This picture is a close up of the dress’s trim.

The work on the clothing is truly amazing. Some of it has been hijacked from period clothing.
The book to buy if you want to learn more about the fashions seen in the show is Behind the Scenes at Downton Abby, by Emma Rowley. 



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