No matter what your
measurements, all sewing
patterns can be graded
to fit you.

Contemporary Fashion Education’s two courses: Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/Grading to Fit  mornings, Design Room Techniques are described in this post.

This diagram shows how to draft an asymmetrical waistline.
Asymmetrical fit is addressed in the Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/
Grading to Fit course, its book Grading to Fit,
and the entire Contemporary Fashion Education program.
Well fitted asymmetrical clothing gives the wearer the
appearance of having a symmetrical. figure.
Fitting Home Sewing Patterns/Grading to Fit, offered Saturday mornings this fall, is the first of a 3-course series in which you will learn how to grade home sewing patterns to your custom fit. No matter what your measurements, readily available home sewing patterns can be graded to fit you. Understanding how to grade to fit eliminates the misery of fitting pattern after pattern.
Shown here is Laurel’s master sample book for the course.
The sample book contains 60 pages with over 100
samples. Mastering the material in this course will take the
misery out of your sewing. For example: you will learn how
to sew zippers with ease, matching seam line to seam line.

In Sewing Techniques from the Fashion Industry you will make a sample book as you learn the basic sewing skills used in industry to produce high-end couture garments worth thousands of dollars.

Diagrammed books that show the procedures, step-by-step,
enable students to speed through the course work.

In all of the Contemporary Fashion Education classes you will learn how patterns are drafted, and how exquisitely made clothing is sewn in the industry’s high-end designing departments. You will use fully diagrammed books, written to support these courses. The books present, step-by-step, the procedures used by the best pattern makers and sample makers in the industry.

You will use these procedures, hands on, to draft patterns and produce samples, exactly as done by the professionals.

Laurel Hoffmann, instructor and author, is one of the top 1% most endorsed on @Linkedin in the United States for sewing. She worked as a production patternmaker/technical designer in the industry where she learned and did high-end couture sewing that sold at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC and other stores. Her goal is to make high-end industrial patternmaking and sewing techniques available to everyone.


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