Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love is a MUST SEE fashion exhibit, now showing in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, first floor, Perelman Building April 27, 2014 – December 7, 2014.

In this post I am presenting some of Patrick Kelly’s innovative clothing. To learn more about the designer, visit which begins: “I want my clothes to make you smile”—that was the goal of late African American designer Patrick Kelly in creating his bold, bright, and joyful creations.

The show was curated by Dilys Blum, The Jack M. and Annette Y. Friedland Senior Curator of Costume and Textiles.

While on that website, be sure to scroll down and read where Exhibition Assistant Laura Camerlengo  talks about presenting Patrick Kelly’s designs at the museum.  And watch the attached video. It’s really good.

Laura Camerlengo also curated the Gerlan Jeans Loves Patrick Kelly exhibition showing in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, first floor, Perelman Building.

Presented here are some of the pictures my husband and I took of the collection. Enjoy!

One really has to take a second look at each of these designs to realize their genius. I missed the button placements’ statements when I looked at the black and red dresses on the left in the Museum. Now I look again and can’t help but laugh. What a great sense of humor the designer had. Who else would do this but someone completely at ease with his craft?


 The show also exhibits Patrick’s doll collection.

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