On November 14, 2013 I received this fabulous message:

The PGM professional dress form
given my school by the
PGM Dress Forms company.  

Hello, this is Brittany Yoseff from PGM Dress Forms, informing you of our New 2014 PGM Dress Form Private Fashion Draping/Sewing School Sponsorship Program!!!

As part of our worldwide sponsorship and for over 10 years, PGM has been giving back to Fashion Educational entities by donating professional Dress Forms to support fashion education and students. Plenty of fashion universities/colleges/institutes have gained PGM donations, including the top 20 Fashion schools in the US, which include: Parsons (The New School for Design), FIT (New York), Pratt, Kent State University, Academy of Art University (San Francisco), Savannah College of Art & Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Drexel University, Otis College of Art & Design, Columbus College of Art & Design, Trade Tech, FIDM and many more!

This New 2014 Private Fashion Draping/Sewing School Educational Sponsorship Program is to enlarge & broaden our Educational Institutions by donating; 1 Ladies Half Body Dress Form to private fashion schools, fashion design classes, sewing classes, draping classes, to help fashion instructors train students as well as to bring fashion industry partnership benefits. For more PGM Dress Form info, please visit: http://www.pgmdressform.com/dress-form-c1/.

So I did. And wonder of wonders, they gave my school a new dress form, shown in this photograph!

This post is to thank the
PGM Dress Forms Company for this fantastic donation and to show some of the ways it is being used at my school.

Here are the ways to date that the school has used the form:
1.  To develop basic patterns.
2.  To drape out and test design concepts
3.  To test and correct a commercial blouse pattern’s fit
4.  To check pattern corrections

1.  To develop basic patterns:

Paper patterns can be developed right on the form.
Students watch as I demonstrate draping pattern paper on the form to
create a size 8 basic pattern.

The paper is laid over the form and pinned, the darts folded into place,
and the neck and waistline clipped.

2.  To drape out and test design concepts

One of the students is interested in the Japanese pattern sculpturing.  On the left a tea bag box was taped to the form. Fabric was then draped over it to give the effect. To produce the same effect in finished clothing, the sleeve would need to be lined with firm, light-weight stiffening.
On the right lace is laid over the form to begin the process of designing a wedding dress.
I will post in the near future how to use a professional form to

3.  Test and correct a commercial blouse pattern’s fit
4.  Check pattern corrections

Note: Registration is open for Contemporary Fashion Education fall courses. If you plan to take a course, please sign up now as the classes are already half full.
Books used in the program are also available for sale. All procedures in the program and its books are as done in high-end industry.



 P: 215 884 7065


©Laurel Hoffmann, 2014, all rights reserved.


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