This light-weight satin jacket’s sleeve is being trimmed with a metallic braid.

Woven fusible interfacing gives the cuff stability.  The fusing has been sewn to the edge of the cuff, raised-stitched, turned over and fused to the sleeve’s hem, as shown above.

The sleeve’s hem is turned up and pinned. The trim is then pinned one-half inch from the finished edge of the cuff so that the trim’s placement is consistent with the trim on the ensemble.
The trim is sewn to the sleeve with metallic thread. Because sewing the ends of the rather thick braid into the seam would bulk up the seam the ends of the braid are tucked under the braid. This worked really well as the braid’s metallic yarns wrapped around each other, concealing the join.
Finally the sleeve’s hem is sewn under the braid rather than at the top of the hem to prevent the hand hemming from showing.
The sleeves are now ready to be sewn into the armholes.
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