Grading a Jacket to Fit, the third book in Laurel’s grading to fit series is finished!
Tailoring a Jacket presents the information you need to produce professional jackets and coats.

Here in Tailoring a Woman’s Jacket is the information you need to produce professional-level, quality suit jackets and coats. Tailoring a Woman’s Jacket can be used with any jacket or coat pattern that fits. Although this book is the fourth book in the Grading to Fit series, there is no need to have worked through any of the three previous books.

Included are instructions for layouts, fusing, and cutting; setting inset pockets; sewing bound buttonholes, jacket collars, and linings; determining lappage, cutting to match, and more.

Patterns throughout the book can be printed from the pattern book, which is included in the purchase.

Tailoring a Woman’s Jacket  ($95) and Grading a Woman’s Jacket to Fit ($85) are on sale from this website for a limited time only. Buy both books for $165.00. Price includes free shipping in the USA and any applicable taxes.  The offer ends January 31, 2022.

All books and supplies on the website are 20% off in celebration of the publishing of the jacket books. Shipping is not included. Use code jacket, when checking out. Both sales end January 31, 2022.

Grading a Woman’s Jacket to Fit, the third book in Contemporary Fashion Education, Inc.’s Grading to Fit series, focuses on complex grading skills. Consider buying this book ONLY if you have previously worked through Grading to Fit and Grading and Sewing a Blouse, as you will need the personal grading coordinates you developed in Grading to Fit to use this book.

Tailoring a Woman’s Jacket includes information directly from one of the USA’s top designing departments. Here are some of the high-end drafting and sewing procedures included in the book: effective cutting, cutting and sewing matching bound buttonholes, sewing sleeve vents. Learn how to effectively lay out and cut patterns, as done in high-end industry.

buttonholes that match

high-end buttoned cuff vents
Learn how to sew high-end buttoned cuff vents.

Laurel's new suit jacket.
Laurel’s new suit jacket.

Laurel recently made both a coat and a suit jacket. She uses her books when she sews. Her books lie right on her cutting table and sewing machine as she works.

Grading a Woman’s Jacket to Fit includes many complex grading procedures The two shown above include: 1. How to insert bust darting into princess seams – with special information on how to eliminate the puckering at the bust that occurs when considerable bust darting must be added. 2. How to grade a two-piece jacket sleeve.

The eight-book series
The eight-book series. Copying a Man’s Shirt is nearing completion. The other seven books are completed.

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