I’m making a silk chiffon blouse. Testing proved that neither a bound buttonhole nor a machine buttonhole would work with the silk chiffon blouse fabric. (Note: the above picture shows the true color of the fabric. )

The only solution was covered snaps, often used by haute couture designers. But first the button problem had to be solved.

 My button box yielded up only one set of buttons that matched the fabric, but they were too small. Sewing them over mother-of-pearl buttons cut from a trimmed place setting solved the problem.
When using covered snaps first sew all the buttons on the garment before covering the snaps. As each snap is covered sew it in place on the garment immediately before covering the next snap.
Now cover the snaps. Cut a circle of the fabric, twice the diameter of the snap.  The circle does not have to be perfectly shaped. For the stud side fold the fabric in half and half again. Snip a tiny hole across the center that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the snap’s stud. Do NOT cut a hole for the receiver side of the snap. An indent will form with the finished snaps are closed, solving the problem.
 Hand baste around the edge of the fabric. Be careful as the fabric frays easily.
Gather the fabric.
Sew across the back.

The covered snap
Sew the snap on the garment.  This side receives the stud. When the snap is closed the fabric will indent.
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