The course is fun. You will make great friends and look forward to your Saturday mornings.
Finished, lined skirt, cut to match, with kick pleat and lapped, hand-pricked zipper.

You can learn how to make a custom-fitted skirt for no more than $20, that would sell for $700 or more in NYC!

Regardless of your skill level, this winter you can learn how to make a beautiful skirt that fits in 10 lessons at the Abington Art Center, Saturday mornings, 9:30 to 12:30.

You will learn how to draft a skirt that fits you.

Classes start January 18. The course is listed at the bottom of the page on the Art Center’s website, under Fiber Arts. Registration is open now. 

To register hit this link.

You will learn how to measure to fit. Students measure each other as they learn the skills involved with custom fitting.

As you will learn the professional designing and sewing procedures you need to know to design and sew clothing like that sold on the Paris runways, you will make new friends and have a lot of fun. You will learn how to determine your and others’ best color palette and wardrobe styles. You will sew slower, get done faster. You will learn how to organize your wardrobe so that everything you have works and looks great. You will learn how to speed shop, finding the best for you and your family. You will have better with less expenditure of time and money. These procedures also enable sustainability.

The course has two optional field trips: Moods Fabric Store (date to be determined) and the 2020 TexWorld Trade Show, Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020. We will meet at the Trenton train station, take the NJ Transit train to NYC. There is no fee, except for train tickets.



You will learn how to finish hems that show off your talent and artistry.
You will learn how to design a professional wardrobe, coordinating what you have with what you decide to make.
You will learn fancy sewing tricks, such as how to make a self-lined skirt that is cut from only two pattern pieces: the skirt pattern and the waistband pattern.
You will learn how to cut to match, line, set both a lapped and an invisible zipper, and how to finish the waistband with a grosgrain backing.




The 268-page textbook for this course presents step-by-step, fully-diagrammed instructions to ensure your success.

The textbook

The $70 268-page textbook, compiled for this class, contains over 700 scaled diagrams with step-by-step instructions that will speed you through your work. The material has been classroom tested over the past 20 years. It presents the methods, used in industry, that you need to know to sew clothing no one will believe you made. Students will buy the textbook from the instructor the first day of class.

Previous classroom testing ensures that the instructions can be understood.
Making a sample book as you work through the course will give you a reference that will help you to sew professionally at home after the course is finished.

The sample book

As you work through the course you will first make samples of the procedures you are learning. Mounting your samples into your sample book will give you a reference, that combined with your textbook will enable you to repeat the lessons later that you have learned in class.

The course material has been written, diagrammed, and classroom tested over a twenty-year period. You will be learning how industry does high-end sewing for preferred customers. To learn why industrial methods are different than home sewing methods, click this link.

Instruction is from the industry

The course is taught by Laurel Hoffmann, a production patternmaker/technical designer, who was trained by European master-tailors. Laurel first worked in high-end custom couture on Main Line, then moved into industry where she drafted, fit, and graded patterns for clothing factories. Later she taught at two leading Philadelphia universities for over 20 years where she tested and developed her fashion technology continuing professional education program. Her students include design-room personnel and students who later worked in industrial designing departments. Her program, written for novices and professionals alike, has enabled Laurel’s students to both design and sew more professionally, and allowed those interested to enter the industry’s fashion departments.
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