Christine Lagarde, now president of the European Central Bank, is always superbly dressed.
Christine Lagarde, now president of the European Central Bank, is always superbly dressed.  Photo by Français : Fonds monétaire international (identité du photographe non mentionnée) –, Public Domain,

A World Leader’s Wardrobe

The French have long been noted for their artistry.  No one demonstrates this better than Christine Lagarde, now President of the European Central Bank.

How one dresses affects the reactions of others. Although many would argue that one shouldn’t judge another by their clothing, the fact is that we all do, even if we do not realize it consciously.

The higher one rises socially, the more important one’s dress becomes. No one is more aware of this than Christine Lagarde.

The pictures in this  post, and the links at the end of this post to other of her pictures on the net are proof.

A vivid scarf picks up the hair and eye coloring, giving excitement to the blue/gray coat.

Color Palette

A dark winter, Madam Lagarde combines black and other dark colors with vivid color accents.

A basic outfit made dramatic with the addition of just two small white pins.

Hair color

In the past she wore her hair longer, always in a manageable style. It is obvious that she prefers not to color her hair, as she is surely well aware that nature provides the best coloring.


Never over done, in the above picture on the right, Madam Lagarde adds understated dramatic flair to her basic outfit with just two silver pins.

Color variation

Madam Lagarde wearing a yellow suit jacket
Colors are carefully selected to make an impact.






From time to time Madam Lagarde chooses to use a vivid color as the basis for her outfit’s palette, seen in the above photograph. She may have chosen yellow for this presentation because she was speaking about protecting the poor and vulnerable. She may have felt light yellow would give a more optimistic feel to her talk.

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