The Texworld Trade show is a lot of fun. It’s a very special place where one can quickly learn what is happening in the fashion industry at the seminars and from each other.

We also have a chance to visit.


Tracey and Laurel
Laurel and Tracey Lenahan,
Advertising Sales Manager
Threads, Sew Stylish, CraftStylish  meet at the booth
Gladys and Laurel
Gladys Williams, who was manning the booth, and Laurel connect.




On the left Tracey Lenahan, Advertising Sales manager at Threads and I greet each other live for the first time.

I’m very happy  to see Gladys again (above on the right). I wish I had taken some pictures of the jewelry Gladys was wearing. She designs and handcrafts Asanti’s Jewels, one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry designs.

Panel speaks to attendees at the Texworld Trade Show.
Upcycling panel speaks to attendees at the Texworld Trade Show.

My students and I attended the show to hear the seminars, Upcyclying and US Trade Policy. But we did much more than that.

A salesperson from Changle Fumeilai knitting Co., Ltd displays lace.
lace trimmed display
An unusual display is presented by Hanbo Textile, a producer of embroidery and lace.

The displays of fabrics and clothing were from all over the world. The booths were extensive. Much was from Asia.

On the left a salesperson from Changle Fumeilai knitting Co., Ltd displays knitted lace for me to photograph.

On the right Hanbo Textile, a producer of embroidery and lace, presents an unusual display.

Laurel assists at the booth to give Gladys a much needed break.  I’m pointing out The Apparel Design and Production Hand Book, the book that launched the business,


Gladys was manning the booth alone that day, as one of her co-workers was sick and the other had to attend a meeting. So I helped her out by giving her a much needed break away from the stand. I didn’t sell any books. But I did point out, in this photo, the book that started the business, The Apparel Design and Production Hand Book.

About Fashiondex: The Fashiondex, Apparel Industry Publishers, was started in 1992 by a fashion designer [Andrea Kennedy] who had arranged her Rolodex into types of fabrics and trims, instead of from A to Z. When she noticed that everyone where she worked was using her Rolodex when they needed to do their research and sourcing needs, she saw there was a need for a similar product. Fashiondex was formed, that “Rolodex” was reproduced in book form, and several months later the first “Fashiondex” was produced.

I had brought up with me my two new titles, Grading to Fit, and its sequel, Grading and Sewing a Blouse to Fit, shown here on display at Fashiondex’s booth and now on sale on their website.




And of course there were fashion shows.

Hit the link above to see models show silk garments.
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