What one wears matters

It’s been said that one shouldn’t judge another by that person’s clothing. But how is one to judge another person? Is a person able to choose and dress himself/herself well? This is something everyone does every day. Everything in one’s closet has been a choice. Isn’t this a way to determine something about a person?

When we dress we tell people who we are. As we encounter people we, almost on a subconscious level, evaluate them by what they wear.

Presidential candidates
Presidential Democratic candidates.

At present twenty Democratic candidates are running against Trump, the sitting president and the Republican candidate. Let’s think about their clothing, especially that of the women candidates. Let’s think about how it might affect our judgment in the voting booth.

These are men and women who are hoping to be elected president of the United States. This is a position considered by many to be the most powerful executive position in the world.

If one wants to be elected president, one needs to look presidential

Career advice for women
Games Mother Never Taught You

Here are some statements from Chapter 13, The Uniform – what to Wear as an Active Game Player in Betty Lehan Harragan book, Games Mother Never Taught You:

Business executives-the proprietors of the corporate hierarchies-are the most clothes-conscious of all. They are the acknowledged arbiters of men’s fashion and they accept that responsibility with utmost seriousness.

Men are “much more” attentive to their clothes than any woman…. …male business garb is nothing more than a standardized uniform. It is no more changeable as a matter of individual choice than the daily uniform of military personnel or the team garb of baseball, basketball, or football players. …male boss’s and colleagues’ everyday work garments are loaded with symbolic and psychological import.

Executive dressing, perfect fit, USA colors, flag in lapel, well designed shirt collar

Low echelon or unambitious men are apt to be those who take a sax attitude toward their clothes symbols… …Executives, however, and perceptive junior executives will be noticeable for their neat, uniform look.

 …the entire male sex wears the identical basic business outfit…[it takes] exquisite care …to turn these stark modules into meaningful code symbols that spell out class, rank team, and star status.

Note that this is the case with ALL the male candidates, ESPECIALLY Trump 

Ms. Harrigan continues: …women who intend to move forward into the executive levels of business must be able to read the heraldic seals of business knights and understand the role of clothing in the socioeconomic game. Fortunately for aspiring women, these secrets have recently been made public by john Molloy in a revealing book, “Dress for Success”

NEW DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOOK, by John T. Molloy, 1988, (ISBN 0-446-38552-2 (pbk) (USA) 0-446-38553-0 (pbk) (Canada) Warner Books, Inc.

Ms. Harrigan advises career women:

Wear a jacketed costume. If wearing a skirt, if ..it distracts…it is not acceptable as a work uniform. Wear shoes you can walk in, never wear a man’s tie, dump the handbag – servants carry baggage, pay attention to fit and coordination of the parts. buy clothes with pockets. Don’t wear anything that jingles, wiggles, clanks, or glitters. Wear the same, good jewelry – stick with the same expensive favorites and wear them repeatedly. Money is the scorecord – jewelry acts as a symbol of success – expensive and real. Executive insignia is silent, understated and unobtrusive – never sexy. Save perfume for after hours.

A comparison of Hillary Clinton and Trump’s attire

Hillary in colors that aren’t in her palette. Trump in USA colors. Who looks more presidential in this picture?
Hillary in colors that compliment her personal color palette.

In these pictures, taken during the 2016 campaign, Trump wears USA colors. Clinton’s attire, while executive, is neither her color palette, nor that of the USA. Her coloring is light, that of the spring palette. She looks so much better in beige than she does in black and white.

Did Senator Clinton’s dress help her loose the election? There were other factors as well, but pant suits had been long out of fashion when she was campaigning. Out of date, comfortable clothing fit for lounging did not give a presidential impression.

With all the money that is spent on a presidential campaign, surely there should be enough to hire a fashion expert to make sure a candidate  looks her best.

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  • Men's Leather Jackets
    October 23, 2019 9:30 am

    In that generation, people judge other people by its clothing and what he or she wears what’s habit or passion. but that’s wrong people have no permission to identify a person by its clothing.
    Men’s Leather Jackets

    • People may have no right to judge a person by his clothing, but how do we just people? This is something one does every day. How well does one do it? Even though we may try not to judge a person by his clothing, on a subconscious level, we still do.

      • It’s a fact. People are judged by what they wear. This is almost sub-conscious. We are also affected by color. Many people wish this weren’t so, but how does one judge a person? Everyone gets dressed everyday. Everything one wears was chosen by the person wearing it. In Chapter 13 of “Games Mother Never Taught You,” Betty L. Harragan points out the concern men have about their dress. Take a look at the male anchors on TV and you will see how well they dress. Many women anchors should take note.

    • Reply to “people have no permission to identify a person by its clothing.”
      Unfortunately people do this on a sub-conscious level. We all do it.
      What one wears matters. And if you don’t agree, wear your worn out clothing to a fancy restaurant and you will see very quickly that you will be seated, if you are seated at all, back where others are not apt to see you. Dress well, and all of that changes. Same goes with job applications. Dress well and you will be offered a higher salary.


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