This is a book that let’s the beauty of your individuality shine through.

Why I love this book

This book presents great works of art that show many figure types and shapes.  No matter the figure or facial shape, all are considered beautiful in this book. 

Too many times I’ve been told by students that they are hard to fit and that they have figure problems. They seem to think there is something wrong with them.

The Triumph of Individual Style refutes that.

Techniques to camouflage are given with techniques to highlight the various body and facial features. Clothing styles are shown that enable one to better chose those designs that will enhance one’s appearance.

Description – Barnes & Noble website:

This text aims to teach the reader how to assess her body type and then choose clothing. The process involves what the authors call an individual’s “design pattern.” This pattern is made up of lines, shapes, proportions, body particulars, scale, colors, and textures. How they fit together in harmony and how an individual infuses them with her innate creativity is what authors call “style.” 

A review from Amazon’s website:

posted on the website: “The Triumph of Individual Style” is a step-by-step guide to developing your personal style and choosing clothes that bring out your true beauty. Join the thousands of others who have used this book as a vital tool for understanding body types, color and personal style. In addition to being known as the “bible” of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools across the country, The Triumph of Individual Style contains;
More than 800 diagrams
Hundreds of color swatches for teaching color principles
Famous art reproductions illustrating women’s body types and features
Hundreds of line drawings and teaching tools.
“The Triumph of Individual Style is a triumph for women everywhere! Whether you are an image consultant (style or color), an art student, a clothes-aholic, or just generally interested in what type of pants might look good on your body…..this is the book for you! When I first bought this book, I was a woman who just wanted to find a pair of pants that fit! I was so inspired by its content that I have become a serious student of style and color. I have had the fortune of taking a number of wonderful style and color classes from one of the authors, Carla Mathis, and have been trained with her Signature System. I can’t recommend the book or her new system highly enough! Enjoy!”
– Lucy Hunt

Co-author Carla Mason Mathis

Information about Carla Mathis, one of the co-authors:

posted on the website:
Carla Mathis is a pioneer and sought-after trainer in the Image industry. She is one of a few stylists to have worked and taught with Suzanne Caygill, the woman who pioneered Image Consulting. One of 21 Certified Image Masters (CIM) worldwide, Carla Mathis provides image consulting for individuals & groups in the USA and internationally. Her landmark book, “The Triumph of Individual Style,” has been used in design schools in the US and abroad and has become the ‘bible’ of the personal image industry. Carla is co-founder and instructor of the Style Core Institute (, and has trained a network of stylists from around the world. She is a founding member of both the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and Color Designers International (CDI), the two preeminent professional associations in the field. Based in Northern California, The Style Core serves clients and offers training courses domestically and abroad. 

Learn how to design and sew professional clothing

A sweet deal, these two books present the drafting, fitting, and sewing information needed to produce professional pants, for both men and women, that fit.

Here are the basic, professional skills used to produce high-end clothing in the industry. The book includes how to hand a hem on a lining, pull-through, pleating to fit, and many more procedures, all as done in the industry’s top designing departments. Classroom tested by students that included design room personnel.

Here are the diagrams, charts, and step-by-step directions you need to draft and fit skirts and pants that fit. Written for all figure types including asymmetrical, the book provides the information you need to achieve excellent personal fit.















Sewing Pants and Skirts presents the professional sewing procedures used in industry, such as inset pockets and fly zipper instructions.



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