I have found these fashion books invaluable for both my professional and personal life.

Design for Women

Doris Pooser, 1993, (ISBN 1-56052-152-X) Crisp Publications, Inc.

It’s the color information in the back of this book that’s of real interest. Ms. Pooser is a color genius! She discovered color flow, the color theory that presents her twelve color palette theory based on the seasonal color theory discovered by Johannes Itten of the famous Bauhaus school in Germany, and popularized by Carole Jackson.


COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL, Carole Jackson, 1985, (ISBN 0-345-33294-6) Ballentine Books.

I’ve found that this book’s color and wardrobing information  easy to understand and use.





COLOR WITH STYLE, Donna Fuji, 1991, printed in Hong Kong by Everbest Printing J.K. Ltd.

My African-American students have told me that, in their opinion, this is the best book to use when determining color palettes for people of color.





METAMORPHOSIS, David Kibbe, 1987, (ISBN 0-689-11847-3) Atheneum, Macmillan Publishing Company, ISBN: 0874917859, ISBN13: 9780874917857

This book shows the difference styling can make with a woman’s appearance.

Design for Men

STYLE AND THE MAN, How and Where to Buy Fine Men’s Clothes, Alan Flusser, 1996, (ISBN 0-06-270155-X) HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Every man who wishes to make a good impression needs a copy of this book. If one is teaching or making clothing for men, this is a MUST HAVE book. 



COLOR FOR MEN, Carole Jackson, 1984, (ISBN 0-345-31946-X) Ballentine Books.

Carole Jackson’s sequel to Color Me Beautiful presents the same color and wardrobing principles to men’s dressing as in her previous book, Color Me Beautiful.



GAMES MOTHER NEVER TAUGHT YOU: Corporate Gamesmanship for Women, Betty L. Harragan, 1987, (ISBN 0-446-34400-I) Warner Books.

Every woman who would like to move ahead in business needs a copy of this book. What it reveals is almost unbelievable.

Make SURE to read Chapter 13, The Uniform, What to Wear as an Active Game Player. That chapter alone is an education!


Planning to start your own business? You’ve written your business plan, you’ve checked and rechecked, what could possibly go wrong? Here’s the book that will tell you. Rebecca’s hair-brained adventures are worth the read, just for the fun.

MOTHERS WORK – How a Young Mother Started a Business on a Shoestring and Built It into a Multi-Million Dollar Company, by Rebecca Matthias, 1999, (ISBN 0-385-49590-0) A Currency Book published by Doubleday.



NEW DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOOK, by John T. Molloy, 1988, (ISBN 0-446-38552-2 (pbk) (USA) 0-446-38553-0 (pbk) (Canada) Warner Books, Inc.

I haven’t read this book, but based on my reading of Molloy’s woman’s book, below, I’m sure it contains valuable information.




THE NEW WOMAN’S DRESS FOR SUCCESS BOOK, by John T. Molloy, 1977 – paperback – Warner Books (ISBN 0-446-87672-0).

Molloy’s research on clothing, and how it affects success, continues to influence both the business and the fashion world. It is the author’s opinion, however, that his results on the effects of various colors in clothing may be askew; nowhere in his books does he consider that his tests on color might be affected by whether his subjects were wearing clothing in color palettes that complemented their own. For that reason his books are listed under the Business heading instead of the Design heading.



Want to learn how to design and sew professional clothing? These books show you how:

A sweet deal, these two books present the drafting, fitting, and sewing information needed to produce professional pants, for both men and women, that fit.
Here are the basic, professional skills used to produce high-end clothing in the industry. The book includes how to hand a hem on a lining, pull-through, pleating to fit, and many more procedures, all as done in the industry’s top designing departments. Classroom tested by students that included design room personnel.
Here are the diagrams, charts, and step-by-step directions you need to draft and fit skirts and pants that fit. Written for all figure types including asymmetrical, the book provides the information you need to achieve excellent personal fit.















Sewing Pants and Skirts presents the professional sewing procedures used in industry, such as inset pockets and fly zipper instructions.
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