Cape May

The oldest seashore resort in the USA, Cape May is a beautiful, historic Victorian seaside vacation destination with fabulous shopping. Consider staying at the Buckingham Motel. The efficiency rooms are clean, quiet, and comfortable.

The oldest seashore resort in the USA, Cape May is a beautiful, historic Victorian seaside vacation destination. Located at the south eastern most tip of New Jersey. Offered is summer stock, wine tasting, jazz, fabulous food, surfing, weddings (don’t miss the gowns at the end of this post), AND wonderful shopping…

Shopping in Cape May is terrific!

My daughter and I just celebrated her birthday in Cape May. While there I took these pictures as we shopped.

If you visit Cape May, expect to find selected, unusual items, as many Cape May visitors prefer higher-end products. Even so, Cape May’s prices tend to be very reasonable.

Here are just a few of the Cape May stores that I find outstanding:

shoe store
Casale’s Shoes,, probably the oldest operating store in Cape May, was opened 60 years ago.

Dan Casale, grandson of the original owner, offers excellent, stylish shoes that fit.
Denise, who waited on my daughter and I, holds the shoe style that I bought. Extremely comfortable, I plan to wear it for many years.


When I visit Cape May I always visit Hello Gorgeous!
Shopping at Hello Gorgeous.
Kim, who manages Hello Gorgeous! is a delight to know.


Rhinestone dark glasses, a hot style in Paris, can be purchased at Hello Gorgeous!


Classy clothing styles are offered at Bella by store owner, Dominic Vitale.
Some of the summer clothing offered at Bella. This new store is located on Ocean Street, in the Washington Commons. Email: 609-898-0062
Beach Treats offers great swimsuits that really fit.
A few of the swimsuits offered at Beach Treats. Both my daughter and I have bought swimsuits here.


Two Cape May shops
Kaleidoscope and Just for Laughs, which adjoins Kaleidoscope, are owned by husband and wife Barry and Susan Tischer.


Kaleidoscope offers a considerable variety of pretty summer apparel.







Shawls for sale in the store

Susan Tischler, owner of Kaleidoscope, is a talented buyer who stocks her store with exceptionally beautiful items.

My daughter just had to have a cat shirt, bought in the adjoining store, Just for Laughs.

Arden’s Kids is filled with high end clothing for children. Store manager, Eva, told me that the store originally showed samples, which were then custom ordered.


Baby sleeper
Happy Baby Boutique offers novelty children’s clothing.










Johnette, pattern administrator at the Fiber Arts Yarn Shop quickly found the vest knitting instructions that I needed.
The Fiber Arts Yarn Shop is well supplied with yarns, buttons, instructions, and knitting equipment.



Free Love Bridal offers beautiful wedding gowns and all accessories.



Bridal shop owners
Tim and Betsy make sure their brides have superior service.
White wedding gown
One of the gowns offered at Free Love Bridal.
Ecru gown
Ecru gowns are also offered at Free Love Bridal.







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